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Cody Birdwell!

Andrew Ellis - falcon hunting jackrabbit
Andrew Ellis - gyrfalcon

The Falconry Fund is excited to present this unique opportunity for one lucky winner to be entered into a sweepstakes drawing to win your very own commissioned painting of a wildlife subject of your choice from the world-renowned artist Andrew Ellis.



The Artist

Andrew is a much-acclaimed wildlife artist, best known for his stunning paintings of birds of prey, falconry, gamebirds and his powerful dramatic African art. His work has been featured in several books such as Gyrfalcon by Emma Ford, The Flying of Falcons by Ed Pitcher & Ricardo Velarde, Peregrines of the World by Tom Cade, Clayton White & Jim Enderson to name but a few. Andrew’s work is collected worldwide, and he has exhibited successfully in the middle East, America and Europe and from 1997 to 2011 in the prestigious London based gallery “The Halcyon” in Mayfair.

More information about Andrew Ellis can be found on his website at

The Cause

The Falconry Fund was created in 2016 by NAFA and both organizations possess resources designed to benefit falconry, wildlife conservation and their related activities and interests. Despite their common objectives the organizational structure and activities of each are distinct and the Falconry Fund is a registered 501(C)(3) charitable organization. All funds generated by the organization are used towards falconry related conservation, education and preservation efforts, including NAFA’s small grants program. For those who are charitably inclined, it is a tax-saving opportunity (USA citizens only), to give back to the sport and organization that has given us so much enjoyment through our lives by way of an end-of-life donation that is tax deductible. 

Good luck and thank you for your support!
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