Fundraising Partner Policy


Our goal is to ensure the Falconry Fund benefits from fundraising partnerships with other 501(c)3’s, charitable groups or conservation organizations.


The Falconry Fund would require 20% of the total amount fundraised between itself and any other 501(c)3, charitable group or conservation organization dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and development of falconry. The money raised and the percentage earned by The Falconry Fund will directly support its own conservation efforts including but not limited to The North American Falconry and Conservation Center, the Advocacy Fund or any other fund deemed beneficial to conservation.

The Falconry Fund would require any other 501(c)3 that it partners with to provide both the total amount raised as well as what is due to The Falconry Fund no later than 30 days past the final date of the fundraiser.

The Falconry Fund would require every partner to provide a report of how the money was spent to ensure compliance with the Falconry Fund Charter.