The Falconry Fund was created by the North American Falconers Association (NAFA). NAFA has a rich history in supporting and protecting the practice of falconry. It has played a critical role in the development of falconry regulation, as well as actively participating in the preservation and restoration of endangered species (e.g. peregrine falcons). Establishment of the Falconry Fund was a very natural step in the development of NAFA’s mission.

NAFA recognized the need for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that could accept donations. These donations would be used to further promote and protect traditional falconry as well as falconry-related conservation efforts. The Falconry Fund was officially incorporated in 2015 in the state of Louisiana. While the Falconry Fund has its own distinct board of directors, its members (including the president) are all NAFA members. The Falconry Fund shares the same views as NAFA on the importance of preserving falconry as well as the importance of protecting habitat, raptors and other wildlife. The Falconry Fund’s board, like NAFA, are comprised of volunteers.

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