NAFA & The Falconry Fund Trailer Thanks for your donations!

Anyone who has attended a NAFA meet in the past knows just how important a weathering yard is to a successful field meet. The fencing and other materials our organizations deploy to ensure our falconry birds are kept safe from the general public while allowing the public to safely view our falconry birds also provides a unique public outreach opportunity.

As the public is invited to come see our raptors and learn more about falconry, we establish relationships with the locals and introduce our fascinating falconry heritage to hundreds of people over a week long field meet. The NAFA weathering yard trailer is integral to our field meets and to the public outreach that results from our public weathering yard.

It’s time to replace our old weathering yard trailer … Please join the officers of both NAFA and the Falconry Fund in donating to support the “NAFA & The Falconry Fund Get a New Touring and Weathering Yard Trailer” fundraising effort.
Individuals / Falconry Clubs, or Corporate Sponsors are invited to donate in the following ways:

•$400 Donation
12 inch by 12 inch logo (0 available)
Please help this GREAT project come to light!

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Thank you to NAFA officers and directors! They personally contributed $2,900 towards this very important project and thank you to the Falconry Fund board for contributing an additional $1,000!

Thank You,
The Falconry Fund