We are very excited to announce the winner of the First Annual Red Grouse Sweepstakes!
Congratulations to Ryan Greenblatt! 

Thank you again to everyone for their donation and interest in supporting The Falconry Fund. We look forward to continuing to work together on future endeavors.

“Having been a falconer for over 50 years, like most it has become a way of life rather than just a pastime. My journey has allowed me many experiences and helped me develop as both falconer and highly successful dog trainer. The experience of having trained most working breeds and competed at the highest level successfully, has been as rewarding as my time in the field with falcons or hawks. I naturally seek for perfection in all I do and I am always keen to share both my knowledge and experiences with fellow falconers, dog handlers and hunting enthusiasts to improve what we do in the field. My recent publication ‘The Specialist Falcon’, details my history and where I find myself now and I hope goes someway to show how, why and what I do with both Falcons and dogs. I look forward to presenting my book and also many conversations with whoever is successful in joining us in November here in the UK where I will be happy to discuss in detail any part of my knowledge.”

Simon Tyers

The Red Grouse Sweepstakes has closed, please check out our great projects
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